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I'd be happy to accept her offer to be vice-president

The event was held at Haim and Cheryl Saban's home, and I've never seen so much security there before. I counted 23 security, police and staff just at the entrance. Photo IDs and the invitation were needed to get in.

One of the many groups of security teams
 Hillary spoke about education, the economy, fixing Obamacare, our national safety, and cyberspace. She also said, "Have you noticed that when every president takes office his hair is dark and then as he goes along it gets whiter and whiter? Well, that's not going to happen to me. I've been coloring my hair for years and I'm not going to stop!"

Haim Saban introduced Casey Wasserman
Hillary's shoes. Very cute.
Casey Wasserman introduced Hillary

Donna Antebi, Lorraine and Sid Sheinberg

Sid told me a couple of wonderful stories. For some reason I brought up Howard Hughes and Sid told me when he was president of Universal, Howard called him and asked that a print of "Double Indemnity" be sent to Las Vegas. Hughes owned the TV station there and wanted to see it. "This was an unusual request, so I went to Lew (Wasserman, chairman of the board) and asked him what to do. He said to get a private plane and have the print flown up there, so we did.

I also chatted with him about our mutual friend, Steven Spielberg (who is like Sid's godson). I told Sid that Steven and I had our first meal in the Universal Commissary together. Sid said, "Let me tell you a story. I was on a plane and I read the review of the book of 'Schindler's List.' There were no phones on planes then and just after reading the review I wanted to buy the rights for Steven. As soon as I got off the plane there was a phone in the car that picked me up. It was as big as a shoebox. From the time I left the airport to the time I arrived at my office I had bought the rights. Steven didn't want to do it at first. He was a little intimidated by the material because he wanted to do it justice. I'm glad I talked him into it. His interest alone from the profits has already been $100 million dollars. He gives it to the Shoah Foundation."

Donna and Bob Hertzberg
 There were food stations everywhere under the tent--Greek, Nouveau, Espresso, and even FRIED DONUTS!!!

Fry Girl fried donuts

Carol and Frank Biondi

Guards at the gate

Stevie Wonder waiting for his car and driver

        I saw The Medavoys, the Avants, Cynthia Sikes, and maybe even Barbra Streisand who were among the "inside the living room group."
Antonio Villaraigosa, who is definitely running for higher office!

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