Sunday, May 31, 2015




We may not have been little girls together;
We've probably had different storms to weather.

We may share a lot-or be worlds apart;
Yet we are all bound by the strings of our hearts.

We're allies who look for the best in each other;
As a friend, a sister, a wife, a mother.

Though none of us is perfect, at least we try!
And I'm more grateful for friends as the years go by.

And the days do go by!!...It seems quicker each year;
What's once taken for granted, becomes much more dear.

We all have full lives; so little time to spare....
Yet friends find the time to show that they care.

So we gather together-then go our own ways,
But a part of each heart, with the other, stays.

Let's celebrate womanhood, and friendships true!
On this's a blessing to share it with you!

Linda's birthday luncheons are like a reunion and no one can stop talking. This year we were on the patio of Taverna Tony in Malibu. And this year, Bruce Jenner, Linda's first husband, could have been the topic of the day. But it wasn't. After Bruce's Diane Sawyer interview, Linda was asked by every news outlet to give an interview and she said "no." We all respect that enormously. Eventually there will be a book about Linda's life, that she is writing right now, that will cover her engagement at 18 to Elvis Presley, her marriage to Bruce and their sons Brandon and Brody, and her marriage to David Foster.

Come join the party!

 Our first course was hummus, taramasalata, baba ganoosh, Greek salad, pita and tabouleh.

Danielle Del, Wendy Burch and baby Brady

Ashley and Mychelle

Joanne, Dorothy and Linda
Second course was octopus, calamari, stuffed grape leaves and meatballs

Vanessa Sandin

Right. Linda and I are posing

Karen and Danielle

Lisa, Jane and Kelyne

Linda, Wendy and Brady
 Third course was orzo, lamb, chicken kebobs, and spanakopita---

followed by the BEST HANSEN'S CAKE EVER!

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