THRIVE ANIMAL RESCUE WAS EMBRACED BY GEORGIA SPOGLI, (fourth from left) WIFE OF THE FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR TO ITALY. SHE TOOK ONE TOO MANY TRIPS TO SHELTERS, AND DECIDED SHE HAD TO DO SOMETHING. THRIVE, for her, was born the day she took home a dog and fostered it until she could find it a home. Then there were more dogs, more foster homes and on and on.

What sets THRIVE apart is that it pays all medical bills and insurance for the animals to the foster families for the life of the dog. It's irresistible and so are the doggies.

Olivia Cameron (Thrive) and Patricia Shea
Allison Roeder and Patty Kouba

Kim Deck and Laurie McCaskill

Katie Strouk, Sally Perrin, Carla Doumanoir, Dagny Dubelko, Vanessa Sandin, Barbara Jaynes

Happy Trio: Vanessa, me, Barbara

Bridget Gless Keller, Jonna Smith, Leslie McMorrow, Brooke Davenport

Dany Davenport, Megan Aubrey and Lindsay Libbey
Sally Perrin and Carla Dumanoir
Donna Antebi, Liane Weintraub, Monica Mahoney

OK. It's a different event. We're still here.
Katy Strouk and Hope Smith