Monday, January 23, 2017


I am not a political party person. I am one of those who decides candidate by candidate, and issue by issue. I am not beholden to any agenda, right or left. I'm a reasonable person in the middle. If you look across the country, I believe most people are like me.

Come election time, I watch each candidate and look for brains and experience. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats for president, senate, and congress all my life. I am also not a one-issue voter. For me, I want to look at the whole and then make a choice

But, our world has gone off its rocker.

I don't want to see a school drop-out pop star yelling f--k on TV  and saying she wants to blow up the White House. I don't want to see ultra conservatives yelling discriminating epithets against people because of gender, race or skin color. I happen to believe in our constitution that all people are created equal. (and they should be paid equally if they are doing the same job!)

I don't want to see Americans yelling at each other and cutting each other out of their lives if they don't agree politically. What happened to "it's a free country?"

I don't want to see any innocent, defenseless White House child of a president bullied on the internet and print and TV media. And, this has happened to most children of most presidents. Maybe there was no internet during Lynda Bird and Lucie Baines Johnson's time in the White House, but you all know what happened. Amy Carter? Chelsea?

I'm sick of the anger in this world. One thing that is comforting, is that we move in cycles. The good AND the bad of the 60s protests evened themselves out. I'm hoping that our current times will do the same. But the problem now is that everything is so public, and the violence and anger inside people have risen to the level of civilians hitting, spitting, and even shooting each other if they disagree on a political issue.

In the 60s, whatever insanity was going on only appeared on three or four TV channels, and, obviously there were no pictures on radios Nowadays, the insanity is on 24 hours a day, instantly world-wide via phones and internet. This wide-spread coverage, I believe, incites more violence. When you see something repeatedly on the media, it normalizes it. You become numb to it and cease to react to the horror.

And, speaking of the Constitution, our right to free speech in paramount. It's what makes America, America. But, in exercising my right of free speech, I can say I don't like the unbridled hate and invectives being hurled around.

Does anyone wonder why I'm spending more time in Palm Springs playing croquet, tennis, and golf and watching HGTV and The FOOD Network?

I've HAD IT.

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Frankie Anne said...

Awesome Sue!
I hear you and get it!
If only more could be willing to listen first, respect differences and act grateful and dignifiedeven when options differ. I'm saddened by the extreme divisions.
Enjoy Palm Springs.