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In the 40's, Hollywood was blessed with the style of Jean Howard, who was a wonderful hostess and photographer married to top agent Charlie Feldman.  In the 40s and part of the 50s you had the daughters of Louis B. Mayer--Irene Selznick, married to producer David Selznick and her sister, Edie Goetz, married to producer Bill Goetz. Irene was much more interested in the business and producing, so Edie became a pre-eminent hostess.

The 50s and 60s were the era of Connie Wald, wife of producer Jerry, Edie Wasserman, wife of Lew, and Doris Stein, wife of Jules. Their parties ranged from extravaganzas to intimate Sunday brunches. In the 70s and 80s, Candy Spelling and Wendy Goldberg emerged, and they each did gorgeous parties. In the 90s and beyond, Irena Medavoy dazzled us. Irena could still dazzle any time she wants, but she chose and chooses to devote herself to her and Mike's son, Nicholas. Good choice, Irena, and congratulations on 6'8" Nick being recruited for UCLA basketball!!!!!!! And honorable mention to our beautiful, beloved Nancy Daly, who was perfection.

But now it's 2013, and the Hollywood idea of entertaining has changed into a combination of entertainment industry, society and international business. The hostess of this era (and for a long time to come) is Alexandra Dwek. Her Bel Air home is like a French chateau, with grounds for lawn parties, and anything else one would choose to do. She has the right staff and chefs, but it is she who plans and designs everything...invitations, seating arrangements, flowers, music, colors, menu, decor...simply magical touches. The guests of the luncheon are in pictures below, but I must mention Irena Medavoy and her "impromptu improv" of Real Housewives where she played all the parts at lunch. People were crying they were laughing so hard. No, I'm not giving you the city.

The chef was Oren Zroya, a professional private chef who travels all over the world with his clients. He lives in Malibu and caters for any number of guests...AND he gives cooking classes. You can find him at or his website.

Connie Wald
Doris and Jules Stein

Edie Goetz
Pavolva dessert

Polenta Mason jar

Chef Oren Zroya
Guest Jane Eisner
Edie Wasserman

The side centerpiece. It's a swan!

Alexandra with Danielle Del

Yours truly with Georgia Spogli

Elizabeth Leanse

Laurie McCaskill and Carla Sands

Alexandra and Lisa

The dining room

Good cheer

Wendy Burch and Linda Thompson

Cara Esposito and Jenny Jones

Brooke Davenport, Irena Medavoy, Linda and Vanessa Sandin

I covered her Christmas Luncheon here and now it's Valentine's Day. Imagine walking into a dining room where the entire ceiling is covered by red Valentine's balloons with red ribbons hanging down. The luncheon first course was polenta, mushrooms and spinach served in a mason jar!!! Red roses and hearts were everywhere, and there were alcoholic and non-alcoholic pink/red drinks to match the decor. It took your breath away.

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