Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Segerstrom Concert Hall

Kenny G

Segerstrom Lobby

Weatherby's Rouge

Andrea Marcovicci and Michael Karm
I know we all hang out at the Music Center, Disney Hall,  The Broad and the Geffen, but about an hour south of us is the extraordinary Segerstrom Concert Hall. This is a new building that complements their legitimate theatre. To say that it is gorgeous is an understatement. I went down there with Andrea Marcovicci and Michael Karm for Kenny G's concert with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra. OK. I know what you're thinking about Kenny G. ... First) I wanted to go play with Andrea and Michael; Second) I wanted to see the Hall; Third) We were having dinner at the Hall in the Patina-owned Weatherby's Rouge. The food and service were spectacular, and the Hall was breathtaking. NOW--Kenny. MUCH TO MY SHOCK, I REALLY ENJOYED HIM. Yes, his records are sappy white bread. But in concert, he's a brilliant jazz musician, and he has a rhythm section that is HOT! What musicians! I didn't want them to stop playing. So there. And, we met Kenny back stage and he's a really nice guy.

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