Tuesday, September 24, 2013


INSTANT MAGIC is what I call the work of Daniella, the chief designer for the costumes, and the many members of her dept. including Howard and Valerie, and anyone else I missed.

They get the news of what the next week's dances are about four days before they need to have 24-36 costumes ready. Many times the workers in the sewing rooms are up all night. I don't know how in 36 hours they sequined Valerie Harper's entire Paso dress, but they did it. They also have to do very unique things for dancing like sewing neclackes onto invisibe netting connected to the neckline so the necklace with stay in place; designing in little hidden pockets for mic batteries and antennas; having emergency pieces ready like soles for shoes, sticky tape, ripped zippers. THESE ARE BRILLIANT PROFESSIONALS AND I AM ENTRANCED WITH THEIR OPERATION.

People were on a short break. It's rare to see the workroom empty

Once a week on camera blocking day they meet with each pro and celebrity to discuss costumes for the next week's dance---before they've even done what would be the prior show on Monday. Many of the pros are very specific with the clothing designs for the themes of their choreography, and they come prepared with ideas, and even pictures of clothes that would work. It's fascinating.

Men's all lined up

Monday's opening number costumes--all hand-made

Each  dancer has her own bag of tricks
For no reason other than cuteness, her is Sharon Osbourne's dog, Bella
 Having spent some time with the Osbournes---they are the NICEST family. There is such love and support among all of them. At least one or more is there for Jack even on rehearsal or camera-blocking.

In another note, some of the pros actually live together in groups--like at least four in a house in Hollywood, for instance. (Not telling who) It makes perfect sense. Most are from other countries, and they aren't here all the time. They truly take care of each other.

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