Monday, November 18, 2013


HERE'S WHAT I'M THINKING. "Blue" was an incredible movie. It was well acted, written, directed, shot, etc. BUT THAT LOVE SCENE WAS X-RATED AND DIDN'T BELONG IN REGULAR MOVIE THEATRES.

It was explicit nudity only seen in porn movies. But my biggest objection is ONCE AGAIN, ONLY WOMEN DO COMPLETE FRONTAL NUDITY in general release movies. WE DIDN'T SEE AN EXPLICIT SCENE in "Brokeback Mountain." God forbid Jake and Heath might show their privates. WHY NOT? I am sick and tired of directors and movie executives and distributors thinking it's ok for woman and not men.

This is a larger issue than just some scenes in "Blue." I also heard the women objected to the forceful and excessive direction in this scene. I wish they'd walked off the set. Love scenes are more beautiful if things are suggested, not thrown in your face. I don't want to see anybody's nude parts on screen.

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