Wednesday, March 19, 2014



I don't even care who she's dancing with. I always vote for her because she's the best.

 Yesterday we went to Susan Feniger's "new" restaurant Mud Hen Tavern on one of Karina's rehearsal breaks.. It was four o' clock in the afternoon and the bar was already crowded! The word has really gotten out about the re-do of this place and the new menu. By the time we left about 6:20 it was jammed inside and out.

Karina and I had the Shaved Broccoli and Kale Salad, the Chicken and Waffle Croquettes (I ate all of it without her and it is beyond any food dream you could ever imagine), and then we had Fig and Arugula Pizza with Blue Cheese. We promised each other we'd eat every dish on the menu, three at a time. This place is KILLER!!!! Karina loved it so much she's recommending it to the "Dancing" people for their after-parties.

Below is what happened when we left:

We were walking down the alley in back, and Karina stopped to show me a cartwheel move she was just about to teach her partner, Sean Avery. As she is demonstrating, an ambulance came down the alley (no siren). It screeched to a halt just in front of us, and the two attendants jumped out and said, "Karina? It's Karina!" It's a good thing they weren't on their way to an emergency. The whole thing was really sweet and she made their day, week, whatever.

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