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Senator Dianne Feinstein is a very good friend, and some I admire tremendously. She is a thoughtful person who listens to all sides. She is someone who understands bi-partisanship. She is co-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and gets the highest level confidential briefings every day.

She spoke the other night before the Pacific Council, and it was very illuminating. Here are some of her words..........

On stage with Dr. Jerrold Green

Our Dianne

On Snowden : He is a traitor and should go to jail. He has jeopardized the safety of millions of Americans. The public hears almost nothing about the threats we receive and stop every day. We must continue our intelligence policies both here and abroad in order to prevent attacks--no matter what. Snowden compromised our MetaData program. The damage he has done is incalculable. We need another way to store data.

Wendy Greuel and former CBS News producer Susan Friedman

Annette Blum, Dianne's step-daughter with Morgan Fairchild

On Terror: I am up at night worrying about attacks against the U.S. They have just invented a new shoe bomb that can get through our security. It is made in Yemen and absolutely goes undetected with metal detectors.

The New York Subway Attack: We stopped it. It was man named Azazi who got dangerous materials sent here through a conspirator who sells wholesale beauty products.

Syria: We can't sit by and let Assad do what he's doing.

Israel and Palestine: We must have an Israeli state and a Palestinian state. The time has come to get it done!

Iran sanctions: They actually worked world-wide.

Egypt: It is our 800 pound gorilla. It's a disaster there.

Compromise: Compromise is not a dirty word. It's how to move the government.

Al Queda: It is now a loose alliance of guys united in hatred. Kids are taught a different version of the Koran that Al Queda has created They are taught to hate.

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