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“One of L.A.’s most adored musicians will surely become the province of a national trust. Haydn has a voice so sublime that it is truly like the fifth string of her virtuoso violin. Haydn is the true spirit of ineffably poetic magic. On Light Blue Sun, Haydn offers a rare profundity." Paper magazine

LILI HAYDN COULD BE DESCRIBED IN MANY WAYS........A violinist who is the female Jimi Hendrix......a gamine from an alternate universe....a film score composer who adds a whole other world to whatever film she does (she just scored the acclaimed documentary on Anita Hill)....a singer who can't be pigeonholed in any way. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on her new album before its release on July 25th.

I listened to "Lili Land" from start to finish in one sitting. I was taken away to many other lands, some ethereal, some rock and roll....to the Argentinian sounds of Astor Piazzola to Roby Lakatos' Hungarian atmosphere. Each track is a personal journey, showing you a facet of Lili's life and mind. I was out of my mind over all of them, but "Kashmir" is always the first one I play.

The right thing to do is get a copy for yourself and go on your own trip with her.

"Lili Land is the jungle of my mind," says the distinguished singer, songwriter, composer and violinist of her first album in six years and fourth overall. "Fun, fragile, and ferocious songs about losing everything and getting it back."

Produced by Lili and mixed by Darrell Thorp (Radiohead and Beck) with drum work spearheaded by Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Lana Del Rey and Tori Amos), the 12-track album is a blend of quirky pop hooks, soulful melody, and raw grooves. It's all unified by her unique brand of violin virtuosity, nakedly honest vocals, and poignant lyrics that reflect her passion for social justice and personal soul-searching.

LILI LAND features a uniquely arranged rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic "Kashmir" as tribute to the legendary band. Lili performed the song live in 1995 with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at The Forum in Los Angeles and subsequently opened for them on their last U.S. tour.

"LILI LAND was written and recorded in the four years following a freak chemical accident in my home, in which the pesticides in the foundation used to prevent termites made me sick, caused brain damage, and forced me to get rid of everything I owned," says Lili. "After trying every therapy around, I finally recovered by way of practicing my violin." She adds: "My song 'How I Got My Brains Back' starts with a classical melody that helped me get well, and unleashes the healing mayhem of a rock violin concerto." Lili explored this period of her life in a 2012 TED TALK.
LILILAND has already been embraced by the likes of such esteemed industry producers Steve Lillywhite and Linda Perry, who praised it as "Unique, creative, moving, bold, sonically beautiful and really fucking clever."

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