Monday, January 4, 2016




I wish all elections would last no more than one month, and that all media ads were FREE equal time. The government would make sure the airwaves were free. Each candidate would be equal, and money and fat-cat contributors would be out of the equation.

I wish we had more than two viable parties. I'd like the right-wing wackos and the left-wing wackos to form their own parties, and leave the reasonable people in the middle, be they Democrat or Republican to talk to us about their thoughts and let us chose by a POPULAR VOTE. No more electoral college.

I'd like the tax code redone properly, once and for all. I don't believe wealthy people should be penalized because they were smart enough to make a lot of money. I'm talking about individuals, not greedy corporations. America is the country that rewards hard work! I'd like a flat tax for everyone. Much cleaner.

I wish the Supreme Court ruling about corporations' political contributions being whatever they want, were over-turned. There should be no contributions at all.

I'm sick of our entertainment awards being judged by how many white people or people of color have jobs. Awards should be given on the best performance, not skin color. This is art, not politics. I reject being "shamed."

I don't want driverless cars.

I'd like to raise the pop culture "icons" quotients so they might have some real talent and some brains.

I'd like to eat fish again and know that it isn't contaminated by what happened in Japan.

I'd like Monsanto to be the next "terrorists target." They are killing American daily.

I'd like to see Lily Tomlin win an Oscar.

Oh, yes.. Men and women equal pay. I am so sick of having to repeat it decade after decade.

I wish there were a DNA gene in utero procedure to take away addiction, although the psychological component can never be eradicated upfront.

I wish there were a loving home for every animal and child.

I wish autotune never had been invented.

I wish Las Vegas hadn't become a plastic theme park without soul. I don't think it will ever be fixed now.

I wish colleges and universities would stop sweeping sexual assaults under the rug in order to keep getting funding and tuition money.  

And, continuing on that theme. I wish football teams wouldn't look the other way and continue to sign rapists who should be in jail.

I wish we would end hunger in America first.

I wish there were no inheritance tax. Dead people are taxed twice. What?

This is not the end.

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