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Everybody loves it when things go wrong at the Globes. We like it when someone has too much to drink. It's a party. We love it when people dress in the worst dresses. We love it when it's so obvious that someone wins because the studio "bought" the award. It's the GLOBES, after all.

My father, for years, was the attorney representing the Globes. As a reporter I have been to so many Globes shows that I lost count---more than 30! I know where all the bodies are buried and how the politics work. I know about their TV contracts with the networks through the years...why their contracts were canceled; why they were renewed. Don't get me started.

The fun certainly went out of the arrivals when we lost Joan. That's a whole other subject that does not bear repeating. It can't be fixed. All I'll say is that the people doing it now are incompetent and boring. How sad. No point in even watching that part anymore.

Ricky was funny He did his job. He pretended to be dangerous. That's why he was hired. And he's also why Mel Gibson was asked to present.

Remember how beautiful Mel used to be..before his drunk, anti-semitic side was revealed?

What annoyed me most about this year's show was that it was so sloppily and unprofessionally produced. I understand that there were beeps because of swearing, but there were also sound glitches, bad visual cuts; cameras on the wrong shot. That shoddy work has nothing to do with what the guests did. It looked like a high school production. Good sets, though.

I also can't stand swearing on awards shows. It has become cool. Why? Can you imagine Cary Grant or Grace Kelly accepting an award using a four-letter word? I don't care that people say, "Oh, we're in a different time now." Manners are manners. An award is a gift and should be treated as such.

Clothes? Do I care? Not really. Ever since the stylists took over, people's bad taste has been substantially curbed. NOT ALL, however. Let's just say that Jennifer Lawrence and Leo DiCaprio were the best dressed.

 Yay. Good taste in 2016. Thanks, Leo and Jennifer.

And, by the way, Hollywood has already made up its mind that it's the year of Di Caprio and Stallone. They are anointed---particularly Leo. It's just his turn; and he deserves it. As for Stallone...he is like a plucky puppy who keeps on trying no matter what. He has a beautiful family. He's never been involved in any scandals. He's now an aging, lovable hound, and should have a superb awards season.

The Sexy Pup

The Sweet Hound

My disappointment----The fact that Lily Tomlin didn't win either of her categories. PLEASE, OSCARS, GIVE HER THE NOMINATION.

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