Saturday, October 15, 2016



No faces are shown to protect the innocent

Yesterday, I was at a local pizza place in my neighborhood having lunch with my friend, Elizabeth Keener. Pretty soon, about 16 kids from the neighborhood Catholic school walked in and sat down at three different tables. I couldn't believe that they were unsupervised. There were no parents anywhere. My mother wouldn't let me go anywhere unaccompanied til I was 23! (Well, almost). My, how times I have changed.

These kids were having very lively conversation, and then I heard one of them say the word, "Trump." I just had to go over and talk to them. This election season is the sickest in history, but to these kids, it may be the FIRST one they've ever really experienced. They never saw a civilized Reagan-Carter debate. What on earth could they be thinking?

I asked them if they were aware of the election They all responded with a very enthusiastic yes. "Our teachers talk about it every day in school."

Did you watch the last debate? Yes, they did

Here are their comments:

"That man sure makes funny faces."

"He says mean things."

"Why does he keep talking about Bill? He's not running"

"Hillary works hard. She has experience."

"My parents think he's crazy."

And then I asked, "Does anybody realize that this is the first woman who has ever run for president and how important that is?"

They looked at me with blank faces  Seeing a woman run is their norm. Thank God. Talking to these eleven-year-olds actually gave me hope.

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