Friday, October 28, 2016



I was driving down a main street today taking a friend to the airport. I had made a turn fro a side street onto the main street. Within a few seconds a small yellow sedan started following me, honking, and trying to cut me off. He followed too closely from behind and was honking; he went to the side and tried to push me to the side; he went in front and tried to block me. Then man inside was yelling.

I had to stop at a light and he held up an LAPD badge, but it wasn't in the customary small black folding case or the black holder. The badge was on a long strap at the top, and the letters LAPD were on bold, vertically below. I put down my window a bit and he yelled, "Pull over. I've been following you since that turn." He was very angry.

I looked around very carefully. He was not driving a police car. It was a yellow, not-made-in-US car, and IT HAD NO LICENSE PLATES. You know how when you have a new car and drive it off the lot it has paper where the plates are supposed to be? I also noticed there was no ID sticker on the windshield.

Without getting into too many traceable details, he was not born in the U.S. I could tell by his accent. He was wearing plain clothes that looked like they came from Brooks Bros. In no way did he look like any kind of policeman.

When he yelled again to pull over I yelled back, "No! I don't believe you are a policeman! I am not resisting arrest. I'm going to call the police on YOU!"

He kept yelling, and my window was down enough so he could hear. He saw me dial my phone and I held it up to him as he heard me describe him and his car to the police.

"Do you hear me? I'm talking to the police right now!" I shouted and pointed to the phone.

And then he drove off.

I made sure that I gave the police my name, number, car type, and license, so in case he tried anything funny, or in case another "policeman" or real policeman came by, my report would be on record and no games could take place. The police on the other end of the line were sending officers to find him and his car. I gave them his location.

You see things like this on the news and you hear about fake policemen in uniform pulling women over to assault them.

Well...............not on my watch. I don't care who you think you are, or what badge you flash. You've heard the expression "safety first?" Well, where I'm concerned it's MINE.

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