Wednesday, October 12, 2016



Take a look at these....

Miley Cyrus was a show biz child star who chafed at the bit of being a goody two shoes Disney moppet. She had talent, but as soon as she was able, she went off the rails. I thought her public sexual antics and performances were disgusting and sent a TERRIBLE message to young teen girls. I still hold her responsible for hurting society at a certain point. And who can forget her performance with Robin Thicke on MTV?

I thought she was a goner. Either drugs would do her in, or she would just flame out. I found her repulsive in every way.

And then she did something I never expected. She grew up and wised up.

If you watch her on THE VOICE, you see a caring young woman, filled with feelings, living life authentically, and freely being who she is. While she's not going to be joining the Junior League anytime soon, she has evolved into a pretty darn good young adult. I ask you to watch the show and see how she interacts withe the singers she is mentoring. I really like her! OMG!

She is back to being with Liam Hemsworth again, and it seems to be going well. He does not appear to be the kind of guy who wants the "old Miley." In fact, he broke off the engagement to her back then. But look at who they are now.

I really wish her well. I hope that the young girls she damaged have grown up with her.
Keep it up, Miley. We're all with you. Try not to slip.

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