Monday, April 17, 2017



The Evie Sands Story is a long, complicated one. Just know that she has one of the best classic female voices rock and pop has ever heard. She grew up in Brooklyn, loving Jackie Wilson ("Lonely Teardrops," "Higher and Higher"). Evie was a little white girl with a soulful voice who could rock hard, and also sooth you with her smoothness on a ballad.

In the late 60s, she hit it with "Take Me for a Little While," "I Can't Let Go;" she recorded "Angel of the Morning FIRST; "Billy Sunshine," "Any Way That You Want Me," and Quincy Jones' "Maybe Tomorrow." Dusty Springfield thought Evie was so great, that she sang back-up for her on one of her records.

Evie plays lead, rhythm, and bass guitar, drums and keyboards, and plays all of them in her act, except for the drums. She just doesn't have enough hands and arms left.

Her new EP, "Shine for Me," showcases all her styles, and it's amazing.  She also wrote every song on the album. Go to her website and buy it starting Saturday, April 22nd.
In today's crazy music business world, labels only pay attention to Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Gaga. Other artists have to fend for themselves, and they should be supported. Evie is certainly one of them.

Me, Evie, and Ginger Blake from "The Honeys"

Evie and I met in the late 60s and have been friends ever since. She introduced her new album by doing a sold-out concert at McCabe's in Santa Monica the other night. It was a fantastic show, and her band was incredible.

Congratulations, Evie!

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