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I REALLY LIKE KELLY OSBOURNE. I GOT TO KNOW HER THROUGH JOAN RIVERS. Kelly is a no-nonsense, brash, sensitive, intelligent girl who had a heckuva childhood and early 20s. Joan really loved Kelly, and, to Joan, Kelly was another "daughter." I'm so happy we've stayed in touch. I know it makes me feel better, and it's something I know Joan would have wanted.

Kelly's story is kind of well-known, as she's been on TV since she was about ten. The public first got to know her on THE OSBOURNES, which was, in truth, the first reality show. They saw a totally dysfunctional family--Pop Ozzy, Mom Sharon, Brother Jack, and hidden sibling Amy. It was complete insanity.

As an example, when she was 16 and just happily driving along in LA, a seemingly nice-looking man pulled up at a stop light and asked her to roll down her window She did, expecting some kind of pleasant at hello. Instead, he threw a Subway sandwich right in her face and drove off. Just horrible.

Kelly is shockingly honest in telling all her truth, and her life today, at 32, shows how one can triumph in all circumstances. I particularly like her story-telling device of having each chapter be a letter to someone. It works extremely well.

From her book jacket:

Kelly Osbourne may not always have been a typical role model, but no one can say that her perspective isn’t hard won after spending three decades in the spotlight: from growing up completely exposed to the heavy metal scene—replete with crazy antics most readers have only begun to hear about—to spending her teenage years as the wild middle child of an even wilder Ozzy Osbourne, to the family’s popular stint on their wacky eponymous reality show. Since then, Osbourne has forged her own path as a style icon and powerful woman in the media who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and be honest with her fans. But being the daughter of a music legend hasn’t always been glamorous; growing up Osbourne is an experience that Kelly wouldn’t trade, but there are battle scars, and she is finally now ready to embrace and reveal their origins.

Told as a series of letters to various people and places in her life, There Is No F*cking Secret gives readers an intimate look at the stories and influences that have shaped Osbourne’s highly speculated-about life, for better or for worse. The stories will make readers’ jaws drop, but ultimately, they will come away empowered to forge their own path to confidence, no matter how deranged and out of control it may be, and to learn the ultimate lesson: that there just is no f*cking secret.

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